Using Art as an Engine for Community Involvement and Social Change


Art as a Catalyst can be a valuable member of your team. Your goal is to strengthen individuals and their communities by investing in the organizations that serve them. We seek the same end, and use art as a catalyst for transformation. We believe that art has transformational capacity because it not only allows for group expression and imagination, it creates products that can be sold for organization revenue.

We all wish our grantees had something like Girl Scout cookies to sell to fund their programming. Let Art as a Catalyst be your Girl Scout cookies. Encourage your grantees to appeal to the "tastes" of their donors in a whole new way. Open their minds with art and appeal to their good taste with custom-created art pieces crafted by the organizations themselves.

We're different from other for-profit companies in some important ways:

We encourage you to put your grantees on the path to self-sufficiency by exposing them to Art as a Catalyst, where they can realize the potential of earned income ventures and partnerships. You can also increase their chances for success by sponsoring their involvement in Art as a Catalyst programs. We're looking for a few good visionaries; will you join us? Contact us to learn how.

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